30 Day Challenge, Day 03 — Your favorite television program

My third entry in this “30 Day Challenge” is my favorite television program.

I really don’t watch much TV anymore, mostly because I hate commercials. And by the time I get home from the studio it’s usually all infomercials.

But I do like a lot of the stuff on the diy Network and HGTV. Probably because it gives me cool ideas for around the house, the hair salon (for the Husbear), and the tattoo studio. And some ways *not* to do stuff. Always important to learn by example. Even it it’s a bad one. (Kind of like the way I live my life….)

So that leaves me all old school and rerun-y. I love “Star Trek: Voyager”. Still do. I have it playing now on the computer as I type this actually. Captain Janeway was awesome. Especially when she was having her onscreen stroke while B’Elanna watched:

Sometimes you press "Pause" at just the right time. I think the Captain is having a stroke?

I loved the Star Trek universe. Except that they got rid of those man-dresses from The Next Generation.

Until next time...

3 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge, Day 03 — Your favorite television program

  1. I love Star Trek – but I confess I haven’t seen this series yet. I think I am holding out as when I see it, there will be none left.

  2. I love all thing Star Trek. Did you see the lastest movie? I thought that they did a good job of bringing new life back into the series. I hope there will be more movies.

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