70 to 20 in One Day

It was 70 degrees this weekend and yesterday morning. Then it started raining and the temperature started dropping. Then it snowed. We got about 4 inches of snow last night and it is now 20 degrees.

I was “nice” and went out to dust off and start the husbear’s car while he was getting ready for work. It will probably be a short day for him anyway. Almost everything in the area has closed down: schools, businesses and gawd-knows-what-else.

Erik in the snow
Damned weather… no wonder I’m ill.

I am still under the weather so I’m staying home from work one more day. I did remote in to check my email. Mistake. Looks like I’ll be busy when I get back to work. Wait—I’m always busy!

Erik's Jeep covered in snow
And I don’t think my Jeep likes being covered…

There’s one thing I’ve learned about the weather in Arkansas: if you don’t like it, it will change. If you do like it, it will also change. (I guess that’s two things I’ve learned.)

At least everything looks clean with a fresh snow covering everything….

Until next time...

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