9 thoughts on “And then….

  1. Black is the right choice. Just be careful driving that and make sure you have a front license plate (if required). I know a few friends (in Illinois) who own Jeeps and received tickets for not having a front plate because there was no place to mount the plate. So they use “zip ties” to mount the front plate to the bumper.

    1. This is the first black vehicle I’ve owned. It wasn’t my first color choice, but the Husbear liked it, and it does look pretty. Now to get it covered in mud…

      Arkansas doesn’t require front plates for some reason, so luckily we’re all set there.

    1. Jeeps are definitely fun. I used to have a 1969 CJ5 that I sold a long time ago. I missed it the moment I sold it. Definitely recommend finding someone with one–either new or old–to go have a ride with.

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