And… we’re back.

The Husbear and I made it back from Southern Decadence in New Orleans after being there for a week.

Working on uploading pictures now. And laundry. And taking care of the Husbear who is now ill.

In the meantime, here’s a shot of the Husbear… with clothes on. A rare sight indeed in New Orleans.


Until next time...

16 thoughts on “And… we’re back.

  1. I’m glad you two had a great time. Sorry to read the husbear is not feeling well. I hope he gets well soon, so he can come to Boston and shed his clothes here! LOL

    And yes Erik, you’re hot too – take me now, oh baby-oh baby, it’s the best it’s ever been, you’re ripping me apart, you stud you. 🙂

    1. We’ve never been to Boston before. But we’re talking about going to Provincetown next year for Bear Week in July. I’m sure he’ll be shedding his clothes at that event.

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