Whammy Love

First, the pictures we took during Southern Decadence are viewable in our flickr “Southern Decadence 2009” photo set. I was going to post some of them here, but since they’re all over there already, that’s just as easy. Because I’m lazy.

Now that we’ve returned from New Orleans both the Husbear and I are ill. He has the flu. His symptoms started Monday night—our last night in New Orleans—which made for an interesting 11-hour car ride home the next day. Mine started after we returned home. I have the flu, strep throat, and an ear infection. Triple whammy for me, and I was the “good” one this trip!

Back to lying on the couch I go drifting in and out of consciousness.

Until next time...

6 thoughts on “Whammy Love

  1. Great pics! That pool party looked like such fun! BOY SOUP!

    BTW, who is the shaved head beefy-boy cutie friend with the Celtic bear paw ink on his right shoulder, who went with you guys? YUUUUM. Can I have him? LOL

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