Apparently, criticism is only allowed in one direction.

Those against the National “Day of Silence” have published their directions for parents who are against it.

Note how easily these reasons of why parents should tell their children they are against it can be easily altered to fit the thoughts of the rest of the free-thinking world towards those who profess to be Christians:

a. Homosexual Christian behavior is not an innate identity.
b. No matter what factors may influence homosexual Christian feelings, freely chosen homosexual Christian behavior is immoral and should be resisted.
c. Homosexuality Christianity is not equivalent to race.
d. Disapproval of homosexuality Christianity is not equivalent to racism; nor is it hatred; nor is it bullying; nor does it constitute an incitement to violence. It is permissible and ethical to express disapproval of homosexuality Christianity. Just because someone may feel bad when hearing that someone disapproves of homosexuality Christianity does not mean that disapproval is cruel or wrong.
e. No school should support a view of homosexuality Christianity that is unproven and controversial, and that is physically, emotionally, and spiritually destructive to individuals and society.
f. No school should allow instructional time to be politicized.

And yet, try to talk with most who profess to be Christians and you get the whole “don’t bash my religious freedoms” speech. Ironic that they don’t allow others to express their own views.

This has been my biggest beef with organized religion and a majority of those who follow it. It’s truly rare to encounter someone who will actually listen to and entertain counter-arguments without throwing up the defensive walls immediately.

(Hat tip to Joe. My. God. for the info on the H8rs.)

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7 thoughts on “Apparently, criticism is only allowed in one direction.

  1. Hey, that’s it! Maybe we should become a “religion”. Now there’s an idea . . . . . .

    I am a Christian, and a gay man. I’m embarrassed to say it much because of those ‘christianist’ haters. I may have to take my faith into a closet because of those people.

    There are many gay folk who are Christians and part of congregations and denominations that are trying to change things. But there aren’t many of us. But we ARE trying.

  2. Eric,

    I could not have said it better myself if I tried. Thank you for using their words and turning them back; for giving a voice to express the anger I feel.

    (Did that make sense? It’s late, and I’m a little stoned.)

  3. A person can’t debate the merits of their position if they never think about it and only accept what they are “told”.

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