Bang your tools around

stone age to modern age

This is how I have felt after this week at work so far.

I am having issue integrating a new tablet model into our multi-hardware XP image. Usually it’s something simple like a missing driver or a driver conflict. But not this time. Something odd is going on with this piece of hardware that I just haven’t been able to wrap my head around yet.

Nothing in setupapi.log indicates anything out of the ordinary is going on. Yet the tablet will not shut down completely after minisetup has completed. I thought maybe the incorrect HAL was loaded, but it matches the HAL on the vendor’s factory image. At this point I am starting to think some odd BIOS conflict, but it functions correctly with both the vendor’s image and a “virgin” OS image. Which leads me back to a problem with our image.

This is the first piece of hardware I’ve ever had this level of an issue with in the 4 years. It has got me stumped! Maybe I’ll luck across something today…

Sorry for the “technical” post, but this has consumed me the last week. So I had to share!

Until next time...

5 thoughts on “Bang your tools around

  1. “Tree pretty. Fire bad.”

    Which is exactly what I say when my (work) technicians say similar words. Not a damned bit of it makes sense to me.

    Points for knowing where the quote comes from (and no… Sorted won’t know – he never does….)

  2. I hope that gets resolved quickly. That way you wont have to worry about it. As far as your cartoon, I feel that way this week as well. Too many complicated HOS tickets.. I can’t wait to get some PCR tickets.

  3. how is it that the cute guys who have good blogs all work in IT? it’s weird. although maybe it’s me…….

    but at least the weekend is in sight so don’t give up just yet!

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