6 thoughts on “Because… I love y’all! (Still one of my favorite songs…)

  1. Ok!! How can I bee nosey if I can’t see your latest post…You are on my blog list for a daily open…The last post I have been staring at for ever was the post for 1/30…And today all these other posts popped up…What the hell…And that burger is sacrilegious to all good burgers out there…But how was it…Different I say…

    1. I hadn’t checked back here as far as the front side of the blog (what y’all see). The tool I use that grabs my photos from Instagram and posts them here needed reauthentication, and I didn’t know. So when I did, it grabbed everything from the last time until now.

      I more than appreciate being one of your daily opens. *blush*

      Yeah, the burger. I was attempting something different for the Husbear. I was tired of making the same thing every time he wanted a burger. So I experimented with something close to what I had tasted myself when I could eat red meat. He says he liked it, but… he’s never asked for it made like that again.

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