Blue Sky

Where to start? Since I referenced the show “Breaking Bad” in the title, I’ll proceed in a fashion similar to it.

Start with the opening graphic teaser:

'Tis just a flesh wound. Or two. Or twenty.
‘Tis just a flesh wound. Or two. Or twenty.

[Insert Erik’s Theme Music and Montage here]

And, back to the beginning of the story.

We are in the process of adding a new artist room at the tattoo studio. Each of the room is kind of a fishbowl, in the sense that there are a lot of large windows to see in and out of in each room. Because we like openness. And light.

This is what it should have looked like.
This is what it should have looked like.

I went to install the 1/4″ thick 4′ by 8′ sheet of glass in the new opening before the studio opened today.

Things went bad.

I dinged the corner of the glass pane on the tile floor as I was maneuvering it into place. And I heard that sound you hear in the movies of a glass window slowly cracking before you get blown out into space. Shit.

Pretty blue crystal...
Pretty blue crystal…

Instinctively I looked down and away at the right moment as the entire pane shattered. In my hands. Luckily it was tempered safety glass. If it hadn’t been, I probably wouldn’t be typing this story today.

See, it's just a little blood.
See, it’s just a little blood.

I have all these medical supplies at the studio with which to clean and bandage my wounds. Which is good. But of course, I decided to stick a crap-load of small Band-Aids all over myself instead.

A whole lot of these....
A whole lot of these….
So I look like a cutter.
So I look like a cutter.

I wish I had some pink Hello Kitty! Band-Aids. I’ll have to remedy that.

Now I have a lot of tiny glass pieces to use in a project or two.

That's a lot of glass. 2126 cubic inches of it.
That’s a lot of glass. 2126 cubic inches of it. And one leaf.

Luckily I have three more panes of glass in storage. Although I’m a little shy about installing it myself. Even though I’ve done it before several times. Successfully.

But I’ll probably attempt to install another pane tonight.

While someone is here with me.

Just in case.

Until next time...

18 thoughts on “Blue Sky

  1. Wow… I’m glad you’re okay…. But come on… We’re gonna need some more band aids … Get the ones that are circles … So you don’t cover the ink so much

    1. I was a little horrified too. But for different reasons probably.

      As for the tattoo(s), nothing was so deep that it won’t heal and disappear entirely.

      And thank you on my tattoo being beautiful. 🙂

  2. ‘Tis but a flesh wound.

    I hope you’re healing nicely. Maybe you should look into bacon bandages instead of Hello Kitty. Or as Kay Sedia says, Hello Pussy Gato.

  3. Cool, and not cool.

    I absolutely love the sound of breaking glass, and tempered safety glass is pretty cool stuff when it goes. But it was uncool that you received so many cuts.

    I bet those first crackling sounds were ominous and incredible— i may have a chubby right now.

  4. Only a devout blogger would pause amidst an accident to take photos for an entry……
    Later on when you are OK and your sanity more sound, please tell me/us about what it is like for a person with a tattoo and medical matters. What I mean is – does anyone ‘think ahead’ about future accidents, surgical procedures, IV lines etc? Or to they refuse medical care on the grounds it will mar the artwork?
    I’ve seen cases.

    1. Devout, or totally unstable. I’m thinking the later seems more appropriate in this case.

      I can only speak for myself when it comes to medical matters: Do it. I can get my tattoos fixed afterward.

      I’ve heard of cases where people have refused treatment because it would damage their artwork. I’m not *that* crazy.

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