10 thoughts on “Do you know how difficult it is for me to purge computer parts?

  1. The day after you throw any of that away you will need it. That has happened to me sooo many times.

  2. I agree with Jordan. I save at least one of every cable, connector, etc. and have frequently had need of them, sometimes for myself but more often for house guests who have lost or forgotten some vital item at home.

  3. I left town to visit the Microsoft campus in Washington State once, upon my return my horded stash of computer cases, drive, boards, cables, everything that was stuffed into our office closet had disappeared. My partner had grown tired of it all and tossed all my stuff into a dumpster, you could hear me scream all the way back in Seattle.

    1. There would have been a serious “domestic disturbance” had that happened to me.

      Actually, I think I would just refuse to be his tech guy from that point forward.

  4. I just did the same thing recently. Though I didn’t have as much as you. I am now down to one plastic three drawer shelf thingy, which holds all that I have left. However, I still have a very old PC sitting on the floor, a G4 iMac, a G5 Mac Pro and and an iBook G3 clamshell and an iBook G3 snow and a black MacBook… That I can’t seem to part with. Sigh.

  5. Oh, me too except mine’s all obsolete. I had floppies and floppy drives and even an old ADM3A terminal that I lugged around forever until recently. Somewhere I’ve got a platter from an old IBM 3250 disk drive. I love electronically crap; it’s like having my very own toy store. Got hard drives from the last 5 computers I’ve had, including the one that was only measured in … *gasp* … megabytes.

    1. I finally got rid of all my obsolete stuff. At least obsolete as far as I can’t put it in an existing computer. I was hoarding to much stuff that just doesn’t have a purpose any longer.

      Although I did save the processor from my 80386SX which was from my first computer purchase.

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