Done with Winter!!!

As you might have heard, the part of the US where I live is getting hammered with ice. And sleet. And rain. And more sleet.

crappy weather radar

I will admit, it makes things look pretty.

And ya know what? My tongue didn’t stick when I tried this:

There are more pictures over at my flickr account.

Until next time...

9 thoughts on “Done with Winter!!!

  1. Cool post .. looks tasty.

    Hey..some great “tat” shots on your flickr account .. we love em!!!!

    1. It would be tasty if I had some flavoring to sprinkle on all the ice.

      (Thanks on the tattoo pictures. I have more I need to upload… but I’ve just been a little lazy as of late.)

  2. So that winter shit is heading our way in New England. Great – it’s snowing right now, so this just means another white weather dump. Meh.

    Great tongue extension – Hmmmmmmmmmm…..ideas, ideas, ideas……

    1. I’m glad it’s somewhere other than here now. I’m over it. I just hope it doesn’t cause as much trouble there as it has here.

      Oh, and that’s nothing! 😉

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