Introducing Grizz

Since the break-in while I was gone, the Husbear has really been wanting to get another dog. So, he called down to the Springdale Animal Shelter today to ask about animals. Next thing I know, the Husbear dragged me out into the car and we’re on our way down there. We had a few dogs to choose from, mostly puppies. But we rescued a 3 year old Rottweiler/Chow mix. He’s entirely rust colored, but has all the typical Rott features, the Chow tongue markings, and he’s very well tempered. He’s already started marking his territory outside, and stays by my feet in the house. He was a stray the animal shelter picked up, so no one knows his story. We found out after the adoption that he was supposed to have been put to sleep last week, but the workers just couldn’t do it. He’ll be a great addition to the family, and to watch the farm.

Until next time...

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