Google Glass

On a whim, I signed up for Google Glass a while back.

I received my email notification that I was approved for purchase. So I went to look how much they are these days.



As much as I’d like a set, mostly to just use for recording when I do tattooing, I’m definitely not going to shell out $1500! I love technology, but that’s a little much for a what is essentially a portable VCR.

Besides, I don’t want to walk around looking like a douchebag like those people who walk around with their bluetooth headsets in all the damn time.

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10 thoughts on “Google Glass

  1. I have seen two people wearing them, one in San Francisco and one in DC. Interesting look. I am not sure what they do that is worth $1,500.

  2. Fie on people walking around looking like they are the Borg or working at a call centre!
    No google glass or blue tooths and no wire hangers, ever!!

  3. Wait 2 months and they’ll be $750 and in 6 they’ll be about the same as a cell.

    When cells first came out everyone thought the same thing about them as what’s being said here about the GG – time will tell.

    Thanks to the evolution of the tv, each day the real world looks more and more like the world depicted in Blade Runner – tv style: billboards, restaurant menus, bus stop ads, highway signs on the New Jersey Turnpike (the new ones look exactly like the old green reflective one), and more.

  4. I really like what Google Glass can do, but I’m not really a fan of the price right now. Honestly, I briefly considered paying the $1500 as well, but I can justify this price.

    I’ve seen two people wearing them thus far and I know one person that has them and he loves them.

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