Hacked. Again.

I was out beveraging yesterday with special guests (more on that in another post), when Ms. Karen let me know via Facebook that my blog had been hacked.


Well crap.


Luckily I have the ability to FTP into my webserver from my iPhone, so I put my blog in maintenance mode so any visitor would at least be greeted with a message of my choice other than “This site has been HACKED”.

When I awoke this morning, I killed a couple of plugins that I think potentially could have allowed the hackers in, then restored my blog from a clean backup. I guess time will tell if those plugins were the door in. If I get hacked again, that is.

Damn script kiddies.

Until next time...

5 thoughts on “Hacked. Again.

  1. This is part of a message I got when I logged in to GwG the other day:

    erikrubright is briefly unavailable for maintenance.

    I thought, I wonder if he’s up on the rack getting a lube job; now I know you were repairing from being hacked. I HATE when that happens–hope you’ve got some good barriers in place.

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