Happy Birthday to my Husbear

Today, May 4, is the Husbear’s birthday.

The Husbear and our son before his Senior prom. (click to embiggen)

If you would be so kind, leave the Husbear some birthday love in the comments!

To my Husbear: I love you very much… and Happy Birthday.

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I often neglect to do some of the “little things” that are important—such as plan any event for the celebration of the Husbear’s birthday. Or our anniversary. Or anything else. Maybe one of these days I’ll make it right.

Until next time...

17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Husbear

  1. Robert,
    We hope you have a birthday as wonderful as you are!!!
    May you enjoy many more to come!!

  2. Congratulations Husbear and many happy re-runs.

    Maybe your AC needs to be turned up, the clock on the wall is melting! 😉

  3. Hey sis! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope I’m as pretty as you when I’m your age, which is only 32. Right?

  4. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy BIRTHday dear Roooooooooberrrrrrrrt! Happy Birthday to you!

    Erik – get a friggin’ day planner already and start marking down important dates! Jeesh. 🙂

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