5 thoughts on “Sinister.

  1. I, too, have a son who is left-handed, though I’m not sure what that has to do with it.

    And perhaps the stigma that society has of the gay will soon be as important as the stigma of being left-handed is now. I hope.

  2. My eldest brother is left handed and the nuns used hit his left hand with a ruler to make him write with his right. That is, until he told our mom who chased Sister Mary Essenem out the door of the school with a yardstick, smacking her around yelling, “How do you like it Sister? How do YOU like it?!!!!!” Needless to say, it was public school for us boys after that. Gotta love my mom Justine.

  3. OMG, me, too. As I understand it, the occurence of left-handedness is higher among gay men than in the general population. Hmmmm.

    It is also odd that I use my right hand for . . . .

    Well, never mind.

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