Hi-Fi Friday: February 19, 2016

The music theme for February, which was Blobby‘s turn to choose, is foreign-language music. Not so much native foreign-language music, but music sung by an artist where that’s not their native language.

I may have said “yes” too quickly to this one. I don’t even know that I know that many foreign-language songs, but I might know enough…

I really like this song a little too much, and I don’t know why. Well. I might. Part of it is because I know it “originally” as performed by The B-52’s. That’s reason enough to love it.

But the original version brings up happy memories of a group of us doing a sing-a-long in a gay bar in NOLA. Yeah. I have my moments. Trust me though, alcohol was involved. A whole lot of it.

But who’d have known she would have done it in several other languages? French, Italian, German, and Spanish. And here I have issues with just speaking English.

Here is the Italian version of 1964s “Downtown” by Petula Clark:

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