Hi-Fi Friday: April 28, 2017

Blobby‘s month to pick the theme, and he chose days of the week. And made it tougher to boot: whatever day of the week you start with, you have to then go sequentially – so, if you start with a Tuesday, then your subsequent weeks have to be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Blobby started with The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love”. I thought for a wee bit about whether I should be smart/evil and start with a Saturday song, so I could kill any possibility of song choice overlap. I wonder if he thought about that with this?

I went the evil route, because… me.

Last week was a Tuesday song, so here goes Wednesday.


Hmm… Wednesday.



Only one came to mind, and there’s only 7 listed in my library. So we’re going with the one that came to mind, and that’s only because of the Husbear.

Johnny Cash’s 1977 “A Wednesday Car”:

Until next time...

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