Hi-Fi Friday: March 3, 2017

My turn to pick the theme for the month. After two other… failed… suggestions, we agreed upon songs by Irish bands. Seems appropriate with it being March and all? But I think U2 should be left out. Since, well, U2.

Two reasons I like this song I’m presenting this week. The first, because it was made known to me via Jimmy Buffett sometime in the 1908s. And second, I change the word “girl” to “squirrel” whenever this song plays. Much to the vexation of my co-workers, usually. But it works so much better.

And whatever reason, I had ZERO idea this artist was Irish. Until less than a year ago when he was knighted.

So, for my first week, I give you Van Morrison’s 1967 “Brown Eyed Girl Squirrel”.

Until next time...

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