Hot Crossed Wires

It was pointed out to me after the “UnderBear Party” this past weekend by the husbear and a friend of ours that I have an unusual knack for attracting other bottoms. There have been many times at various events that I’ve been talking to some potential “play thing” only for it to end up that we were both on the same side of the “poking” fence.

Bear Bottoms Welcome

Add this to my being tragically attracted to very, very, very hetero guys and it is a wonder I ever found anyone to hook up with, let alone a partner.

I’m assuming the directions were in the handbook that I never received when I signed up?

Just thought I’d share… again.

Until next time...

10 thoughts on “Hot Crossed Wires

  1. Hey, thanks for adding me to your blogroll, sexy guy!
    I’m always attracting bottoms too…but somehow I manage to have fun with them. I find most guys to be fairly versatile. Thank god for double-headed dildos!

  2. just when i thought you couldn’t get any more attractive/appealing (cb i’m including you in this comment too)…..and by the way us tops are always ending up cruising each other too…it’s one of those annoying laws of the universe like murphy’s or occam’s razor.

  3. Ha. That is so funny. Back in my single days I always would attract the very Nelly bottoms, Or the very kind of your who would like to put a collar around me neck and walk me around like a dog. Of course I wanted something in the middle. After all that, I ended up with a guy who likes to play stick ball the same way as myself 😉 The only conclusion I can come up with is that my “gaydar” is only set up for basic services or is just freak en broke! I thought that between the two of you and your smiles, you have pick of the party.

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