11 thoughts on “I sh*t you not…

  1. I keep an emergency roll in a different cupboard in the bathroom, separate from the main stash. If we somehow manage to run out I know I can always count on my emergency roll being there. Why do I do this? Because about 15 years ago I learned the hard way it’s not pleasant to run out and I swore I would never let it happen again.

  2. How many salon owners does it take to replace a roll of toilet paper?

    Nobody Knows!

    *sigh*, all levity aside … that’s quite a poopy state to be in. Any paper product will do. Coffee filters are my fave, in a pinch.

  3. My husband will retrieve the next roll, but has not figured out how to put it on the holder yet.

    And note to self — do not have coffee at Raybob’s house.

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