It’s almost time for Decadence…

… as if being decadent needed a special occasion!

There are 20 days until Southern Decadence in New Orleans, depending on when you arrive that is.

I usually enjoy my time when I’m there, but this is probably the first time in many, many years I’m actually looking forward to going. I’m not sure why either. I have this thing about crowds that always seems to make me stressed before I go. So far, it hasn’t started this year. I’m not decadently wired for some reason. Alcohol sometimes loosens my shell a little, but not often.

If you’ve never been, you should at least go to NOLA once when it’s all crazy outside of Mardi Gras. Although I’ve been told by natives that Decadence is pretty much just as crazy. And a lot more topless. Men.


We usually stay at the Omni Royal with the Decadent Ducks, but this year the Husbear wanted to stay at a different hotel to “try something new”. We will miss hanging by the pool at the Omni with the regular Ducks, but we will get to at least see them out on the streets.

I’ve taken a bunch of pictures at Decadence over the years that we have been there. You can check them out on flickr if you are so inclined.

Any of my readers going to be in NOLA for Decadence this year?

Until next time...

13 thoughts on “It’s almost time for Decadence…

    1. They can do that, to be sure. There have been times I’ve had to step down a side street to get away from the constant bumping and rubbing by the swarms of men.

  1. We will be there too, so, perhaps we can have a beer or something.
    We are however staying with a local friend in the Garden District.

    1. Gustav was a creepy year. It was odd seeing the National Guard everywhere. And for Bourbon Street to be empty. Not to mention being on the bridge with all the traffic.

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