It’s Getting Hot In Here

The air conditioning unit decided to not work yesterday afternoon. You know, on the hottest day on record so far for Pea Ridge, Arkansas. A high of 86 degrees.

Nor did it work the rest of the night.

This is the same HVAC unit we had installed less than eight years ago.

So the HVAC people were called, and they came out to the house today.

And… the heat pump decided to rub a hole in it’s line yesterday at some point. Releasing all it’s freon into the atmosphere. All. Empty.

And… the entire thing will have to either be repaired for around a grand-five. Because apparently the type of freon in our system is in high demand (i.e., less supply means higher price) due to a change in government regulations phasing out R-22 freon.

Or we will have to replace the unit, for who knows what price. Well, we’ll know what the price is when they come out to talk to us in a few more days with estimates.


I wonder how much I’ll have to pimp out the Husbear for, and how many times, in order to recoup that cost?

Until next time...

12 thoughts on “It’s Getting Hot In Here

  1. If you both walk the HO stroll, you could make the money in half the time.
    My AC unit if very old and will likely need to be replaced soon. Let me know how the pimpin’ out worked for you…I just might give it a try.

  2. Given your Husbear’s cuteness factor (and those sparkly eyes and winning smile), I’d guesstimate 3-4 times to repair the line and replace the refrigerant and 10-11 times if you need to replace the whole unt. Of course, if you offer a Groupon, you would have to increase the number of times and if you found the right HVAC guy (without the Groupon)you could also reduce the number.

  3. Since it’s hot out in your part of the world you could open a lemonade stand and you n husbear could sell it dressed in nothing but shorts. That might make you some fast cash.

  4. Are those guys trustworthy? I hope they’re not making up stories to get you to pay more. Maybe you should get another bunch of guys out for a second opinion?

  5. move to Canada (like Victoria, BC) and you don’t have to worry about A/C, snow or anything…just multitudes of flowers and having to mow your lawn year round 🙂

  6. I suggest you auction off the man for charity; starting at 500 dollars and going up fast I suppose. I know I would be at the end fighting tooth and nail to win. Or am I talking scandal?

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