Limping along

I got the home network mostly back up and running last night/this morning.

I replaced the actual phone line which was toasted by the lightning zap. Then the DSL modem and the router.

I went wireless (wireless N) this time. This way, if/when we get hit by lightning again, at least it will only take out the DSL modem and wireless router and not travel down the length of the network and take out any more computers/devices. I did put a network surge protector in-line before the DSL router. Maybe that will stop a zap or two. Maybe.

The Husbear is happy because the network wires that were traversing down the stairs aren’t any more.

I’m using the Husbear’s computer at the moment. Mine is still in pieces. I hope I didn’t lose my music and porn “collection”…. Priorities, I know.

Until next time...

9 thoughts on “Limping along

  1. Your priorities are fine. What’s the point of owning your own computer if you don’t have porn? Sure, the music is nice, but what of the porn?!

  2. No backups on the music and porn?? AACCKK!! I need to do it myself as I am considering doing a “restore” on my laptop. 😐

  3. Please talk to DR about the beauty of wireless… well, we’re pretty much all there except for the Xbox which has this big ugly ass cable running from the office to the living room… Show him the way

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