Making this up as I go. Kind of.

For those of you who don’t visit my site directly (i.e., those who use an RSS Reader), I added a new page to my website called “adlibbed“:

The posts that go to that page have been excluded from the RSS feed for my blog, and they don’t show up in my blogs regular time-line either. Unless you go to that page.

Why you ask?

Mostly because I use that page to post non “blog-worthy” photo items.

You know, those random pictures that just don’t need to be blogged about, but I felt compelled to tweet. (You do follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook, right?) It’s my own pseudo-tumblr, as it were. (Another social site on which I also have an account, but it’s *mostly* just re-posts from my adlibbed page. For the moment.)

Again, “Why?”, you ask?

I used to use third-party sites like TwitPic and yfrog to post photos that I’d tweet. But I got to thinking, why am I using those sites when I have my own website? And I have TOTAL control over my content. Well, at least as much control as one person can have with any media on the Internet.

Do you really know what those sites are doing with your photos? How do you know you haven’t signed away your rights when using them and your work gets published and you get no credit for it? Have you really read their “Terms Of Service” agreements? There’s a lot of nasty, legal mumbo-jumbo and forfeiting of your rights when you use them.

Not that I particularly care when it comes to things I’ve tweeted. Maybe I’m just a control freak.

However, if you want to subscribe to the RSS feed for my adlibbed stuff, here’s the link to do that. It’s quite random, more so than my blog. Or you could follow me on Twitter and see it when I post.

Because you know you want to. 😉

And you will get to see random pictures like this:

Until next time...

2 thoughts on “Making this up as I go. Kind of.

    1. I don’t mind at all.

      It’s odd, but I’m really surprised I haven’t seen more people doing this already. Then again, I did have to crack open my php skills and do a little theme reprogramming to get the front end and the new page to function independently of each other. If you want to see the code, let me know.

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