“My Journey is just beginning”

Someone I consider a friend has just started blogging. Robyn is the spousal unit of the coolest and best manager I had during my years at the OGRE. She has just been diagnosed with cancer. She has started blogging to keep her friends and family informed on her journey, as well as educate and help others along the way.

I ask you to please check out Robyn’s blog, My Journey is just beginning, and send her the love, support, and encouragement that I know you, my readers, can.

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3 thoughts on ““My Journey is just beginning”

  1. Oh no! To say ‘that sucks’ would be an understatement. I hope that they caught it early enough to treat it…. Hugs to them.

  2. E, you are showing your kind heart. I love it. Robyn does need the support of us, her already friends, and the friends she has yet to meet. Thanks for putting the word out so sincerely and respectfully. You rock!

  3. It is nice to know blogging is not ‘done’ and some are picking it up. Thank you for the referral.
    Don’t stop yourself, now!

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