My Purple-headed Monster…

This past Saturday, I managed to talk [She Who Shall Not Be Named, At Her Request] into throwing some color into one of the outlines on my arm.

No, it really doesn’t hurt. I’m just a goofball and I like to make faces for the camera. Getting a tattoo is an interesting and different sensation for everyone. To me it doesn’t hurt. It’s more just an annoying, tingling sensation. Don’t get me wrong—there are some places that remind you that you are alive. But in general it’s not a big deal.

I personally think it’s more the positions one may have to contort themselves that causes pain. Although I guess I should be used to being bent over like that for long periods of time.

Say hello to my purple-headed monster koi…

I intentionally wanted him to look rather phallic. A purple head with pulsating pink and red flesh. Now I can ask people if they’ve seen my purple-headed monster and NOT get slapped. Much.

I actually have video footage from this. I’m just waiting to get it from [She Who Shall Not Be Named, At Her Request] before I can post it. Because I know how much you all love to hear me in action… heh heh.

Updated 2012.04.02

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29 thoughts on “My Purple-headed Monster…

  1. Great tattoo. Mine hurt. It’s between my shoulder blades right on my spine. I’m a big woos when it comes to pain so that location may not hurt very many other people.

    1. Thank you. It’s getting there.

      Some places do “hurt” more than others. The spine for most people is, er, interesting because: 1) all the nerves that run through the area, and 2) the erector spinae muscles that run on both sides of the spine. Both together make for an interesting session.

    1. Yes. Tattoo ink will fade when exposed to constant UV light. It’s similar to leaving a photo on the dash of your car: Over time, the UV exposure will fade the photo. A high SPF sunscreen will slow down or diminish this process if you start doing it once your tattoo is healed.

      But I always put sunscreen on anyway, as I’m prone to burning.

  2. Nice! And I like the “purple head” aspect!!! Oh, and my leg tattoo (the sanskrit swirling around my leg from ankle to the back of my calf) hurt like a MOTHERFUCKER! Had me coming off the table at the end.

    1. Thanks! There’s always method to my madness. Well, usually.

      In general the calf is never a fun place for men. I’m not sure why, but most guys just don’t sit well for it. But it is a great place to tattoo because the skin in that area is usually great material to work with.

      And I’ve been meaning to ask about your tattoo. I guess I should search your site first….

  3. Love your koi! That’s a nifty idea, making it vaguely phallic.
    It all looks painful to me. I have no ink, well, except for that spot on my knee where my brother rammed a pencil point into my skin. But that was an accident and I forgave him a long time ago.

    1. Thanks! I began to notice over time the more I looked at some tattoo work, the more it looked extremely like sexual organs. Most “old school” roses look like vaginas, and many koi seem to look phallic. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’m just a pervert.

      And it’s really not that painful. Most people build it up to be something horrible, then when they actually get one, they’re like “It wasn’t that bad”. And then they get more…

  4. That looks more like “You didn’t use enough lube” face to me.

    Armpits and the inside of the bicep hurt like hell. But it’s a good pain. 🙂

  5. OMG, I’m so ready to get a tattoo but I’m such a whimp. I know it would hurt like hell. Also, Arizona doesn’t have any sort of health regulations for tattoo establishments so…that’s kind of scary…isn’t it?

    1. You’d be surprised, but it’s really not a tragic experience as far as pain goes.

      I would be worried about the lack of regulations. You should ask people you know who have ink and live locally where they went, then check the places out. Ask them about their sanitation practices, etc. I actually recommend that to people even in places that HAVE regulations. You can never be too careful.

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