Near… miss?

Monday started out well enough.

But then this:

The Husbear on the tractor...
The Husbear on the tractor…

Led to this:

The result of the tractor topping the Husbear...
The result of the tractor topping the Husbear…

We borrowed a friend’s tractor to repair our driveway after the storm we had at the beginning of the month. Everything was going well. The Husbear was getting stuff done. I was working on the bathroom inside. I had to run to Lowe’s to get a part. As I’m in the car leaving the parking lot, my phone rings. It’s the Husbear. Not saying much, but I could tell he was in a lot of pain. I knew something terrible had happened. He said he needed me home now.

The Husbear said the tractor rolled over on him. I asked him to hang up and call 911. He said no. He said he wanted me to come get him. I made him stay on the phone and talk me through what happened just to keep him focused in case shock set in, while I drove like a bat out of Hell to get back to the house. It was a LONG 12 minute drive.

He told me he was moving some dirt, and the ground below the tractor slipped. The tractor started to roll. He quickly tried to jump out of the way and ball up at the same time. His legs didn’t quite make the jump. The rollbar smashed his legs into the ground, and pinned him for a bit before the tractor rolled over again. (Remember, we live on the side of a ridge.)

He didn’t have his phone on him. It was up at the house. His legs weren’t working and they were massively in pain. He somehow managed to drag himself up the ridge to the house and called me.

Why not 911? For one, it would have taken the ambulance just as long to get there as it did me. And I probably got there quicker, actually. It was a 15 minute drive to the hospital. In 5 o’clock traffic. People don’t pay attention to hazard lights any longer it would appear.

I pulled up to the E.R., and ran in and told them I needed help with my husband in the car. That he had a tractor roll over him. I’ve never seen people move so fast.

They had him in the trauma ward before I could even move the car out of the way.

They worked on getting him stabilized, as he was going into shock. His BP was low. Very low. (Which is odd, or at least they said it was.) So they couldn’t give him any pain medications at first. As there was blood dripping out of his right pants leg, they cut off his pants. All the Husbear was worried about was them ruining his favorite sweatpants. And that he didn’t have underwear on.

They were asking a million questions, and he was in and out of awareness. I tried answering what I could with what he told me or what I knew, but I don’t know how much help it was. They were asking him about pain, where it hurt, what happened.

He kept having spasms and pain in his legs (he said it was an 8 or a 9), so they checked for compartmentalization. One of the doctors came in and checked him for that, and nothing seemed to be presenting itself that would indicate it. So it appears to be that he just has massive muscle trauma in his legs. Understandably.

There was a gaping hole in the side of his leg. They weren’t sure if it was from a compound fracture or not, so they started him on antibiotics and fluid. They brought in a mobile x-ray unit and zapped his legs. Somehow, thank goodness, there were no fractures. So the wound wasn’t from bone at least. We think it may have been a compression wound from a bolt on the rollbar. They eventually gave him a local and stitched that up.

They monitored him and made him comfortable with pain medication once they were able to get his BP to something a little more normal-ish (although it was still a little low).

After a few hours and determining he didn’t have any other injuries, they released him.

At the moment he can’t walk, at least not without major assistance. I pretty much have to carry him as he shifts his weight without causing any pressure on his right leg, which is the worst. So you can imagine the fun I had trying to get him into a house with multiple levels.

I’ve been monitoring him. And finally managed to get him upstairs into the bedroom and in bed. (He didn’t want to sleep downstairs on the couch. Can you tell he’s stubborn?)

His wound is still weeping a lot, but they said to expect that as it was acting sort of like a drain valve for all the swelling in his leg. He’s going to have a rough week or so. And I’m sure the bruising will be… colorful.

I’ve bottled up my emotions at the moment, as I’m the one who has to be the caregiver for now. But I’m probably not going to sleep well for a while. My brain just keeps telling me that I could have come home to find him dead under the tractor in the yard.

And I haven’t even had a chance to look at our friend’s tractor yet, other than it’s laying on it’s side in our yard. I guess I’ll see that in the morning.


I’m going upstairs now to lay next to him and listen to him breathe all night.

Until next time...

35 thoughts on “Near… miss?

  1. OMG. Glad that the injuries weren’t worse. I can’t imagine all the thoughts going through your head these days. Remember that caregivers have limits and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

  2. As we’ve already discussed my friend, you’re both in our thoughts and we’re wishing for a complete, speedy recovery for Robert!

    BIG Hugs from Phoenix…Mark & Ben

  3. Aieeee! Horribly frightening. Honestly I think I’d rather be in his place than yours. He knows how he feels, etc . but you’re probably still scared half to death. I would be if I were you. Thankful for the rollbar. I wish you both a peaceful and rapid recovery.

    1. Thank you, Java. I still don’t know that I’ve processed the situation really. I’m still in “caregiver” mode too much to think about anything else, really.

  4. Dear God! Your account was painful to read! Here’s to a very speedy recovery for Husbear. I can’t imagine the panic you must have felt as you drove back home. (((((((Erik))))))

  5. I am so very sorry to hear about your Husbear’s accident. I’m can’t even believe what you must have been going through during that drive home. My love and thoughts are with you both.

  6. I’ve been away from blogging; but I have followed things via FB. I am glad to know you two had such love and support through this matter.

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