One Year

It’s been one year since the Husbear and I were officially married here in Arkansas.

Which leaves us in confusion on what to call this day.

Yes, it’s an anniversary, but it’s not “the” anniversary. That’s in July. And is what we’ve celebrated for the last 17 years before this new anniversary.

Granted, this day is very important. We legally have protections that we didn’t fully have the 17 years before that. We don’t have to worry about each others family coming in to take things away from the other if something happens to one of us. We’re next of kin if something happens and we end up in the hospital. We had some legal paperwork that helped counter a lot of that, but it could easily be challenged.

Maybe there’s a Hallmark card out there that will help us figure this anniversary out…

Until next time...

5 thoughts on “One Year

  1. you’ve heard me lament on this problem for years. I still don’t have a solution, except to celebrate two days per year – which we do.

  2. Congratulations to you and the Husbear! The Mister and I were lucky enough to marry on the date of our anniversary. This October we will celebrate our first anniversary and the our 17th anniversary.

    He has clear instructions that I expect TWO gifts for the ocassion…lol

  3. Best wishes! Having two anniversaries is fun. Ours are close: June 1 (32 years this year), and May 10 (3 years this year). I suggest “Second Anniversary.” Like Second Breakfast. You just celebrated your first Second Anniversary. Hey, it’s a conversation starter… 🙂

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