These following pictures were taken by the fabulous GypsyBiscuit, late after the “Chopped Soooieee!” competition had concluded.

Alcohol might have been involved.

The pictures make me giggle. So that’s why I’m posting them.

If you scroll fast enough… it’s like a flip book! And if you play that swanky music you always hear in situations like this, it fits.

Until next time...

19 thoughts on “Otterlesque

  1. Oh sweet bee jellybeans! This is my favorite post and set of pics from you ever. I live the candidness. The silliness. The subtle sexiness of your lowers inhibitions. I would live to be hanging with you, drinking, with access to a camera! Imagine the fun. Thanks for this. It made my day!!!!

    1. I’m glad I could have that effect. And I did have a good time. 🙂

      I’ll say that quite a lot of vodka might have been involved. One day I might figure out how to do that without the help of spirits.

      Hopefully one of these days we’ll get a chance to have those beverages in person!

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