Pain is Relative?

I was tattooing on a 17-year old client. (Yes, 17.) She had a band-aid on her arm. She asks her mother to take it off of her, which she does, with a yank. The girl says “Oww!” The mother says “You’re getting a tattoo, and that hurt?”

I giggled.

Pain is both relative, and caused by relatives.

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7 thoughts on “Pain is Relative?

  1. hey Erik – I dont’ have any tattoos but I love to look at them. Every tattoo has a story behind it.
    I am wondering – has anyone that you have worked on been unable to take the pain, once you have started?

    just wondering….

    1. From a tattooist’s perspective, it’s a little worrisome. One never knows if that person who fell asleep will jolt awake, say, right in the middle of a fine line….

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