Pic a Day in May: Day 15

In my backyard, since 1958.

Jim of Jim’s Stuff started his own version of the “Pic a Day in May” challenge. So I thought I’d go ahead and give it a shot. It’s not like I can really think of anything to blog about these days anyway. So we’ll go with my life in pictures. There’s that whole “a picture is worth a thousand words” thing anyway, so that just means I need to write less. 😉

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6 thoughts on “Pic a Day in May: Day 15

    1. I haven’t looked at it close enough to see if there are any bullet or bb holes. But considering how most of the stop signs look in these parts, I would be surprised if someone hasn’t taken a shot at it.

    1. “No! No! I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!”

      You know… I’ve never actually watched that movie all the way through in a sitting.

  1. I lusted after a Daisy BB gun when I was a kid – my cousins had them, after all, and I wanted one, too. My parents said I’d shoot my eye out.

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