Pic a Day in May: Day 20

Jim of Jim’s Stuff started the “Pic a Day in May” challenge last year. I did it last year, and felt like I’d do it again this year.

Day 20. Today started out pleasant enough.

And then Mother Nature unleashed her wrath on portions of land not that far west of us.

Which then continued on it’s way here.

We were having Monday Beveraging as the storm rolled in. What else are we to do?

And then the tornado sirens sirened. And the rain rained sideways. And the color of the sky went funny colored. And the sirens continued to go off.

So we hunkered down prepared for who knows what.

Too much red...
Too much red…

Unlike people to the west of us, we went relatively unscathed. Downed trees and debris in our area. People without power.

But we at least get to sleep holding our loved ones tonight, and under our own roofs.

Unlike many in the land just to the west of us.

UPDATE: If you want to see the local news perspective compared to what’s being shown nationally, here is the KFOR (OKC) live feed.

Until next time...

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