Pic a Day in May: Day 22

Jim of Jim’s Stuff started the “Pic a Day in May” challenge last year. I did it last year, and felt like I’d do it again this year.

Day 22. Productive day. For the most part.

And then after the studio I went to the gym. I missed yesterday as the gym was closed by the time I was done at the studio. So I had to get there today. My second day!

Not that I like it. I find the gym to be even more boring, and just as dirty, as a doctor’s waiting room. I’d rather cut myself that be here.

But alas, as I sit on my ass all day long, I really need to do something to counter that.


“And I ran. I ran so far away. I just ran. I ran all night and day.I couldn’t get away…”. Because I was running in place.


Until next time...

8 thoughts on “Pic a Day in May: Day 22

  1. You have inspired me to go to hte gym. I my relationship with the gym is all about momentum and inertia. If I go every day then I have no problems going. Once I skip a day or two it feels like traveling to a foreign country where I don’t speak the language.

  2. Exercise is crucial to our healths (thus nags the doctor) – but find something you enjoy doing or at least don’t mind doing – or it will be a mindless gerbil activity and you won’t stick with it.
    30 minute walks /day counts !

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