Random Music I Love

I present three songs by They Might Be Giants.

“The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)”

“Ana Ng”

“Birdhouse In Your Soul”

I can’t think of a single TMBG song I don’t like.

Until next time...

7 thoughts on “Random Music I Love

  1. Hey, not that this has anything to do whith this music, nut where the hell is REM???INXS???? So disappointed in you!!;-) Anyway, a friend of mine just recommended to me that I should use a can with a couple of pennies in it and shake the can anytime the little dog in my house starts whining for things (she whines when we eat at the table an it’s a high-pitched God-awful whine) and holy shit it works. It has scared the shit out of Slim the big dog though which was hilarious because he never does anything wrong ever!!!;-) Anyway, anytime one of your cats gets near the tree you can shake one of those cans. Try it and let me know if it works. B/f would probably enjoy it as well if he likes playing with the aluminum foil.;-) Good luck…Colleen

  2. I enjoy being exposed to new music like this. It is one of the many perks of blogging – I get to encounter music I never would have known otherwise.

    1. I still get a little “nostalgic” from time to time and listen to a few of their albums. They’re actually still recording and touring, but the audience seems to have gotten a wee-bit younger.

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