Shade of Gray

Two random comments from two close friends this past Thanksgiving weekend, and two photographs posted by another close friend on Facebook.

That’s all it took for me to consciously realize how fast I’m graying.

Not just in the beard or on the temples, but fraking all over.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I laugh when I look at this picture, because it makes me think I’m belting out “Feeeee-gaaaaa-rowwwwwww”.

I figure I earned all the lack of color, or else I’m lacking in some chemical that’s causing it. Either way, I’m not sure how I feel about coloring it. I know the Husbear is a colorist and all, but I’ve never been one to want to color my hair.

Maybe I’ll cave to the color when some tragic young thing calls me “daddy”.

After I stop crying.

Until next time...

30 thoughts on “Shade of Gray

  1. You say “gray” like it’s a bad thing… Seriously, it doesn’t look unbecoming. If it’s any consolation, I know folks who’ve gone completely salty at a much younger age.

    I’m looking forward to having enough gray that I can actually *stop* coloring, but for now your Husbear says I’m not gray enough. That, my friend, is really what you have to decide–where is your “gray enough” comfort level?

    The gray ain’t gonna stop…maybe you could go red and we can get the Double-Batch Discount! 😉

    1. I don’t know that gray is a bad thing… yet. At least on myself. I think it’s pretty dang sexy on other people. Just not myself.

      I find it humorous that you’re not “gray” enough. (There’s a pun there, you know!)

      I tried red once. Remember that mohawk? So not my color.

    1. But bald is sexy.

      I don’t look good bald. Then again, it’s been a few years since I shaved my head. I have these two lumps on the sides of my head that look like where the horns are trying to grow through at.

      1. For some of us, it doesn’t matter if we look good bald or not…….I mean, sure I could go all B-52’s and go “what’s that on your head……?” …..but I don’t want to pay.

        1. Blobby’s gotta big bouffant on!

          I guess I didn’t consider hair is not an option for some people. One would think I would considering I’m hitched to one of them.

          Bald is sexy. 🙂

  2. 1- as I’m sure your hubby knows, grey hair is difficult to color.

    2- don’t color your hair– it never looks right on men. And then there’s the roots, the upkeep, etc

  3. I’ll call you daddy..and neither of us will be crying!
    Where is the world are you in the second pic? To me the back ground is completely distracting. I was thinking it’s one of those wallpaper pictures people had in the 70’s. But why would someone want one of those with a tarp (covering a wood pile?), it looks to “real” to be a photo. But would there be leaves on the trees this time of year? They are all down in RI. Then there is what you are sitting on( WTF orange) and in the foreground the good will couch upolstery.
    I don’t mean to insult anyone’s tastes, but it all just a hot mess.
    One good thing you look even better surround by all the fugly furniture !

    1. I’m so not “daddy” material.

      That picture is taken at two good friends home. That’s a ginormous window behind me, and that’s a view outside. We still have leaves on the trees here. Well, a few of them still at least. And the furniture all fits well together if you could actually see the entire room and not just that one little glimpse of it. She has very eclectic tastes, which is something I absolutely love about her!

      1. I hope I didn’t insult anyone with my comment. My cousin Sharon is eclectic in her taste for decorating her home. I would imagine that a glimpse of her home would look a mess, too. She keeps a very clean home…that window is so clean you look like you are outside.

  4. You know you’ve really gone grey when your husband notes the change around your butt hole. “Hey, you’ve got white hair around your pucker,” he casually said, right before he ate my ass like he was at the Golden Corral.

  5. You look great.

    As my husband says, he’d rather it turn gray than turn loose. For him, he’s getting both options. My beard has been graying for the last 20 years, and the silver is starting to show up on my head. And getting called “daddy” can be seriously distracting, when you still feel like a 20-something inside. Now that I mention it, it would be nice to feel a 20-something inside….

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