Snowzilla 2011

Obviously a good half of the country is under snow/ice/other shitty weather at the moment. We got about 6+ inches (non-AOL inches!) of snow here, with a little sleet prior to that. Here’s some pictures I took today of what it looks like in our neck of the woods.

Make a little birdhouse in your soul. A frozen little soul in a frozen little birdhouse:

Every now and again, I manage to take a descent picture of myself. Even if it’s 12 degrees outside:

It’s going to be extremely cold the next couple days, so I had to drive to the Husbear’s salon today to let the water drip. The only way I mostly knew a road was there was to keep the truck between the signs and the mailboxes:

Always good instructions:

I think I need to have a sign made that says “KEEP RUBRIGHT”.

Sometimes one finds pretty scenery quite close to home:

And some not so pretty scenery:

Mother Nature be damned! I’m so over crappy weather.

Until next time...

18 thoughts on “Snowzilla 2011

    1. It hasn’t gotten dirty yet. And more is being forecast for this weekend, and next week. Ugh!

      I’m fairly sure that last picture is some Sith-Lord-in-Training.

  1. Wow, a couple of great shots there!

    After two weeks of feet of snow and temperatures around minus 30 celsius (what the hell is that in farenheit?), we are finally haveing a bit of a thaw. Good thing, I have shovelled so much in the past month I feel like a crickety old man. Yes I live in northern Canada and hate winter…

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