Southbound and down…

I’m still alive. Not that you could really tell from the lack of posts, or lack of reading and commenting on others’ blogs. Sorry about that.

I’m currently on the road to New Orleans with the Husbear and Dwayne. This trip was originally supposed to happen in March for Dwayne’s birthday, but things happened and it had to be rescheduled for this weekend.

Which also happens to be Good Friday and Easter weekend.

And 4/20, if you’re into that.

All of which will be happening in NOLA this weekend. Which should be interesting.

I’ve beer been to NOLA outside of Labor Day weekend/Southern Decadence, so I’m not sure what to expect. I’m just hoping for some normalcy this weekend.

Not that normalcy is probably something one expects to find in the French Quarter.

But it is a needed getaway for me. I’ve been way to busy and moody the last few months, so hopefully this will help.

At least with the moodiness.

Until next time...

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