2 thoughts on “A skunk has apparently exploded somewhere close to the house. Le pew. #JoysOfCountryLiving

  1. No different living in a big city. The last place I lived in San Francisco was on Upper Market and a night wouldn’t go by without smelling skunk (usually being awoken by the smell of) at one time or another…

  2. Be glad you are cat and not dog people. Dogs love dead things, and since the skunk can’t spray and hurt them anymore, all bets are off. They roll in that stuff! Why do people think cats are gross?!? Actually, I like both, but I’m not responsible enough to deal with all the walking needs of a dog. If you can find the body and stand to get near it, some lime on it will help with the odor and speed up decomposition (and keep other critters from habituating the area).

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