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Orlando, Florida

“Sphincter Factor 9”

I found this in my draft items. I’m not sure why it never got posted.

I’m not remembering what prompted this, but it makes me giggle to watch it. And I’m absolutely sure alcohol was involved. Especially since the timestamp says it was 2:30 AM.

I recorded this while we were in Florida in June. This is my buddy Dwayne, who lives on the other side of the state.

I can’t wait to see him and his hubby again in New Orleans in a couple of weeks!

Updated 2011.09.25: Moved video to YouTube.

Until next time...

Back from Florida!

The Husbear and I are home from our trip to Florida. We got home Wednesday morning around 2:30 AM.

I’ll write a more detailed post of our escapades, or rather lack of them, in a few days. I just wanted to get this one out there so you knew I was still alive.

I “blogged” pictures of parts of the trip as it happened, but if you don’t subscribe to my “Adlibbed” RSS feed, follow me on Twitter, or visit my site directly, you may not have seen these, er, gems. If you hit up the “Big Gay Holidays” tag you can take a look at those. (And others from other events as well.)

Hopefully I’ll have that more detailed post written in the next few days.

First I have to catch up on all the blogs I follow to see what’s been going on. And then there’s the paperwork for the businesses that I need to do. There’s always so much work to do AFTER a vacation!

Until next time...