Texas Toasted

This past weekend the Husbear and I headed to Dallas for TBRU.

I won’t say I had a bad time. But I don’t know that I had a great time. Overall I just had a “meh” time. Which seems to be par for the course for me at events like this.

I did get to see friends. Which is always great. But I didn’t get to see or spend time with all the friends I wanted to. Which is “meh”.

Add to that I didn’t feel great the entire time. I still don’t. I’m sure the alcohol I ingested didn’t help matters much either. I probably should have avoided that. But it helps me deal with crowds. Again with the “meh”.

I did realize one thing: I think my camera sucks. My iPhone camera, that is. Most of the pictures I took ended up being crap. Maybe not total crap. But crappy enough that it makes me look like I took them with schmutz on the lens. Which there could have possibly been.

Anyway, I leave you with a photo review of the weekend!

Thursday Night:



Friday Bear Dance:




Saturday Hospitality:


Sunday Brunch:




Monday Journeys:






Until next time...

14 thoughts on “Texas Toasted

  1. I thought the pictures came out pretty good and I can understand you having a ‘meh’ time. I enjoy these types of events, but they’re not as particularly high on my to-do list as they used to be. It looks like you did find time to have fun with the clippers, which can always be enjoyable.

    1. Thank you. Those pictures just ended up being the good ones. I probably deleted about 100 ones that I couldn’t even tell what they were. And I didn’t even drink that much.

      I’ve never been a big fan of events like these. The Husbear likes them, so I go along. The things one does for the one they love.

      I wish I could have found someone to clip for me. But I ended up doing that myself.

  2. The iPhone4 camera does not do well in moderate-to-low light conditions. That being said, when the lighting is just right, sometimes it astounds me with with its clarity and stauration. But most of the time they’re just “cell phone” photos, not even worth uploading to Flickr.

    As for these “events,” I hate hate HATE crowds and got over my taste for them sometime in the last century.

    1. I still have a 3GS, so I’m only at 3MP. Which is sad. I’m happy that the 4S has an 8MP camera, but I still don’t know if I’m going to upgrade to it. I keep thinking about a non-Apple phone, because so many of them have such better cameras. I’ll (hopefully) hold out until the “5” comes out and see what the specs are for it. I hate to switch from Apple, but I really want my Dick Tracy phone/camera!

      I still have massive crowd issues, and it seems to get worse the older I get. I do like that there’s usually hot guys to look at however, but since there’s the Internet….

  3. You’re very sweet for going out for the sake of your husbear despite your crowd issues. That’s a true partner right there. My Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket has a pretty darn good camera so i’m pleased. I’ve had several friends with iPhones complain about the photo quality. One of the reasons I feel that Apple is overrated.

    1. Someone has to keep him in line… 😉

      I keep thinking about changing to a new phone vendor, but I’ll probably stick this phone out until it dies. Or I kill it. Android would be a new OS for me. I’ve been a WinMo guy before, and an iOS guy now.

    1. I’m betting there’s a lot of similarities between your Key West adventures and some of the bear runs that happen around these parts.

      And thank you.

  4. The only thing that gets me disgruntled is that much like the thin, muscular, tanned, ab-tastic bois took over circuit parties, the “bears” in your pictures appear less “bearish” and more “weightlifters with hairy chests”.

    And those aren’t what I think of as ‘bears’.

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