Textually Foreboding?

I received this text from my mother today.


Aside from the horrible grammar and spelling, the rest of the message is pretty damn frightful as well.

My mother used to be the one who would call all the time. Now she texts. Which I’m usually grateful for, as I don’t like to talk on the phone. But there are definitely some things that one should make a call for…

Here’s hoping for some better news soon.

Until next time...

7 thoughts on “Textually Foreboding?

  1. Well, Harrisburg has good hospitals, so there is a plus. Don’t fault your mother for not calling this time. Keep in mind, they’re out of town w docs they don’t know and a pretty scary situation.

  2. I gave my mother, who loves to talk with me on phone, an iPhone last November. She does text some now. She’s learned that I get the message faster if she does. She’s also a spelling and grammar perfectionist, but with texting she gives up on correcting and just hits send. My best to to your dad, very concerning situation.

    1. He was finally released from the hospital in PA and allowed to drive home on certain conditions. I’m still waiting to find out follow up information from the parental units.

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