The 37’s

Today begins (or ends, rather) my 37th trip around Sol.


Hopefully there won’t be as much puking this next trip around. At least not by me.

(Did anyone get this post’s title reference?)

Until next time...

34 thoughts on “The 37’s

    1. Thank you very much Mark! On both the birthday wishes and the fact I look fabulous. Which I think you’re the first person I ever have had say that to me. I could be wrong, but one would think I’d remember such things….

  1. Felize Cumpleaños mi amigo hermoso y mucho, mucho, mas!

    37! Where does the time fly? I remember 37 – 11 years ago. LOL

  2. Oops, sorry I forgot to give you your birthday wishes here… though I did on Facebook! Anyhow, happy belated birthday… and many, many more. Well, hopefully not many more belated birthday wishes, but you know what I mean.

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