The Homesteady

Y’all can thank UrSpo for this. 😉

This was my second attempt at recording this. The first was more worse than this!

And I’ll tell you now, it’s 16 minutes you will NEVER get back! I don’t give refunds.

Damn. I’m way too twitchy for my own good.

Until next time...

37 thoughts on “The Homesteady

  1. That was fun, I’m a kitty guy too. I’m going to assume you didn’t have any pants on, because that makes the video so much better!

    1. Well, it started out as a brief tour. I’m not good with a script, what can I say.

      Yep. I guess “housemate” would have been a better word to use, but same difference. I’ll have to blog about that at some point.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your video and I didn’t find you to be twitchy at all. I think you know I’m a cat guy too; dogs are fun but cats totally rock. I have to noticed that it appears you get a really close shave with those clippers you use. This is where my mind goes. I enjoyed what you’ve accomplished on renovations. I wish I was as talented my talents are better suited for demolition work.

    1. I get almost to the skin with the clippers not using a guard. But not close enough that I get those darn ingrown hairs.

      Thank you. The Husbear has the demolition skill down as well. At least when it comes to construction in the home. But there always has to be someone to do the demo work. 😉

      And cats rule!

    1. I’m not sure how many total animals, but we have 2 dogs (3 counting the housemates), 2 cats, about 14 pea fowl, a pheasant, lord knows how many chickens, guinea, ducks and geese. Oh, and some fish.

  3. would enjoy seeing the property at some point too…love the house. we lived in a house for a bit that was built in the 1900’s so i know what you mean about trying to nail anything. the wood turns to steel

  4. Fun Fun Fun! Just watched Spo’s vid before yours. Love getting a peek at where my blogger buds hang their hat. Tempted to copy cat you both but you’re both more entertaining to watch on video 🙂

      1. Sean is extremely entertaining (empirical evidence) and also charming and a highly creative guy. His house tour would definitely be a winner.

  5. Imitation is the best flattery, so I am pleased and honored
    You are far more cute and sexy, and your video is longer than mine; show off
    I enjoyed the tour; thank you for doing so !

    1. It was a great idea that you had! Thank you for having it!

      And while I don’t know about the first two parts, I let time get away from me on the third part. But that tends to happen when I ramble.

  6. I enjoyed the tour. I was shocked their was no sling room. I just assumed. 😉

    You are a cat person? Noooo… the little puppy in the house needs petting! Awwhhh…. give him some loving.

    Thanks for doing the video. It was very interesting and nicely done. GREAT JOB ERIK! 🙂

    1. Come to think of it… I’ve never been in a sling. TMI?

      I’m totally a cat person. I’ll probably be a crazy cat person when I get older.

      And thank you!

  7. Total cat guy here, I couldn’t live without at least one at all times. Thanks for the tour and the toplessness. 🙂

  8. Certainly not domesticated in the sense of being servile, but in the sense of having the domus operating according to its own wishes and schedule, yes very much indeed!

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