The more things change…

I stumbled upon this picture I had taken of a picture when I was going through the family hoarding pictures I posted earlier.

La familia, in what I’m guessing to be either the end of 1984 or beginning of 1985 (I’m guessing because of how small my Youngest Younger Brother looks, and the 1984 World’s Fair shirt my Oldest Younger Brother is wearing. My mom probably has the exact date written on the back of the photo. She tends to do that.):

Sister, Me, Father, Oldest Younger Brother, Mom, Youngest Younger Brother

La familia, 27 years later, in June 2011 (the last time we have all been together in the same place at the same time):

Mom, Youngest Younger Brother, Sister, Me, Oldest Younger Brother, Father

I think I look either drunk or baked in that picture, of which I was neither. But probably needed to be right after.

Until next time...

20 thoughts on “The more things change…

  1. What’s the meaning of older, oldest et all?

    Great photos but the most recent one has me singing that old Sesame Street song – One of these things…

    1. I didn’t have a good way to describe the age relationship of my siblings, especially which younger brother I was referring to, so I came up with that method. I’m the oldest, then next youngest is “Oldest Younger Brother”, then my sister, then the youngest is “Youngest Younger Brother”.

      Yeah, I do kind of feel like I’m a perfect match to that song….

    1. Both my brother’s are actually fairly tall. But for some reason the Youngest Younger Brother looks especially tall in that picture. Knowing him, he was probably standing on his toes.

    1. Was it that obvious?

      As much as I grown about them, it is nice to see them on occasion. But that means herding the entire family and their respective families all into one location. Which usually ends up being a restaurant. And we all know how much we enjoy screaming children….

  2. The “You’re Adopted” notice is sometimes a good thing, especially when you know you don’t fit in. (i’m adopted, too)

  3. You look very uncomfortable. It makes my heart ache for you. I’d so glad that you have the Husbear, and dear friends. And you were a stinkin’ cute kid. Love the big glasses..had some myself.

  4. Erik, you may have already talked about this in another post and if so, please excuse the question. I know that your parents haven’t come to terms yet with you being gay, but how do your siblings act around you? Are they fully accepting of the fact that you’re gay or do they feel as your parents do?

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