Tippity Toe and Hot Water too

A wee bit more progress was made on the ol’ home remodel that’s been forever ongoing. Back when the laundry room portion of the remodel started, plans were made that had to be later changed after a “fun” discovery was made which meant an entire new project.

Part of the bathroom addition consisted of adding an alcove that the hot water heater would be located in, as well as a storage area for cleaning supplies like the vacuum and brooms.

Here’s what the laundry area looked like as of this morning. Kind of. This picture was taken a couple years ago. But it does show how the washer and dryer are stacked, and the water heater located next to them.

Laundry area, before.

We discovered a slight problem after we came up with this configuration. The Husbear couldn’t see or reach into the back of the dryer. At least not without a step stool. I can’t tell you how many times I’d see him up on his tiptoes trying to reach into the back of the dryer. It always gave me a good chuckle.

Anyway, we finally got around to moving the water heater off of the pedestal and into it’s own little nook, and unstacked the washer and dryer. I know, it doesn’t sound like much. And in the big picture of this whole thing, it isn’t. But it is something.

The ol’ washer and dryer, no longer stacked.

Next up I’ll be building a cabinet and hanging rack above the washer and dryer that will hide the piping. Eventually.

Hot and cold water lines attached to the now relocated hot water heater.
The water heater in it’s cozy alcove.
The whole shebang.

As you can see, we still have to finish texturing and painting the laundry room. Then install trim.

But hey, now the Husbear can see into the dryer! 😉

Until next time...

10 thoughts on “Tippity Toe and Hot Water too

  1. We had the same issue with the dryer being way too high with the units stacked. Even 6′ 4″ Scott finds the dryer to be tall and he’s the tallest one in the family. Someday we’ll rip out a closet or something so that we can put the washer and dryer side by side, in the meantime, most everyone else avoids to dryer at all costs.

    1. Y’all could hang up a drying line outside. Which is something the Husbear just did after we made the configuration change. I don’t think the two were related however.

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