What Started As A Leak… One Month Later

It has been a month since we started the “forced” remodel thanks to the old pipes finally giving out. The old pipes in the house. Not in me. Those aren’t that old yet.

So far:

  • the water line has been entirely replaced from the well to the house, and all the water lines throughout the house have been replaced;
  • a filtration system has been installed at the well (What it’s filtered so far has been NASTY! I hate to think we’ve been drinking that for the last 8 years.);
  • a new water heater has been installed;
  • a raised concrete footing/pedestal has been poured to set the new water heater and washer and dryer upon, and a portion of the slab floor that was once sloping has been leveled;
  • new electrical lines have been installed (In doing so, I found three lines coming into the service panel that appear to not be connected to anything! What the Hell?);
  • new ceiling joists have been installed in place of the existing joists;
  • new lighting has been installed;
  • gaps have been filled and insulation has been installed!;
  • the existing HVAC duct has been diverted and tapped in to for the new area;
  • a dryer exhaust vent has been installed.

Hopefully I’ll be able to start sheetrocking the first area this weekend, if the weather cooperates. Once that is done I can move the washer and dryer from their existing location to the new pedestal, after which I can start the demolition of the area they were in so the new walk-in shower can be installed…. eventually.


And to think we’ve only really touched about 1/3rd of the area that needs to be remodeled.

Until next time...

18 thoughts on “What Started As A Leak… One Month Later

  1. This image makes my head spin for some reason. Actually, everything you are doing make my head spin. LOL. It’s looking good and I am sure it will be amazing and a relief when completed.

  2. May have to get you guys down to Dallas when I buy my new place for some home remodeling. Great job!

  3. ooooh house maintenance! a never ending line of projects. Still, there is some comfort knowing things are being accomplished, no?

  4. You’re moving right along with the renovation from hell!

    Now, can we see some shirtless pics of you installing drywall? Hmmmm? Can we? Pretty please…..

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