Ugh, part II

What the hell is wrong with the airline industry. If any other “real” business operated like this, it would have gone away a long time ago.

I know they can’t help weather-related issues. But over-booking flights by 44 people? WTF? I’m sure there’s some statistical reason to what they do, but still. Maybe they should start publicly explaining what they do and be held accountable. Wait… that would make sense.

The husbear and I are sitting here in Dallas waiting on our flight that keeps getting pushed back. It was originally supposed to leave at 7:00 PM, but now it’s been pushed back multiple times and is currently not going to leave until 9:25 PM.

I really wish we had an alternate means of high-speed transportation in this country. Like maybe high-speed trains that maybe straddled that wasted median space on the Interstates. Hell, let Disney build it. I love the monorail system they have. And it’s how old?

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4 thoughts on “Ugh, part II

  1. Flights suck at times. When I fly to Ireland the flight is only 25 minutes. I have never experienced more delays anywhere than on this simple little fight! I am beginning to think it maybe be quicker to swim the Irish sea lol

  2. Flying is a privledge remember! Ha.

    And one of my earliest childhood memories is of riding the monorail at Disney World when I was 3 and the park had just opened a year earlier. I distinctly remember being on the monorail and riding through a hotel. I thought it was the absolute SHIT!

  3. It seems like we spend more time these days at the airport than we do in the air to get to the destinations. I’d almost just rather drive anymore. At least then I get to at least play with a handle when I’m getting screwed.

    The monorail through the Contemporary Resort. Many an hour I spent in that hotel “basement” in the arcade waiting for the park to open as a youth.

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