Update on the iPrecious

It works!

After it’s attempt to swim with the fishes, spending 48 hours sealed in rice and in the warm sun (when it was shining) appears to have dried out the iPrecious.

At least all the things I normally use it for appear to be working.

Urspo asked me:

I think the lack of an iprecious is a blessing in disguise. Doesn’t this provide you some bliss of peace and quiet?

Oddly enough, not having it caused me more distress than anything.

When I have my iPrecious, things are all peaceful and quiet to me: I don’t get many phone calls. Actually, I think I had 3 phone calls in the last month. I only text message a couple people in any consistent manner, and I only do that when I have free moments between tattoo clients.

I really don’t use my phone for either of those. But the inability to access the Internet caused me the biggest grief. I couldn’t read the blogs I usually read. That was like being cut off from friends. I couldn’t check my email. Or read and watch the news sources I pay attention to (so I was unable to stay abreast of the events in Japan).

I was unable to take pictures. Or listen to music.

I know it shows how as a society how dependent we are of our gadgets and the Internet, but as I’m wired that way, it was like being launched into outer space with no radio.

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