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My final post…

Of 2012, that is. Or so I am guessing it will be. Sensationalism at its finest right there. Or is it?

While I could do a year in review type post, I figure that’s what the purpose of my blog’s archive is. It’s been a year to be sure.

I’ve not been feeling all that great the last few days, and today has been the roughest feeling day so far. And the cold weather isn’t helping any.

I’d rather stay at home tonight, but I’m sure the Husbear will want to go out. And our buddy Dwayne is in town visiting, so we probably should do something. We are rather boring hosts I think.

I’m behind on reading blogs. Again. Not enough hours in the day. Or I’m just too easily distracted. Probably more of the later than anything.

I’m also behind on responding to y’all’s comments here. I need to focus better.

Maybe it’s the winter doldrums.

For those of you who come to my blog directly and don’t read my posts via an RSS feed, you’ll notice the theme on my blog is different. I was messing around with my original theme and, once again, jacked it up. So I’ve defaulted to WordPress’ Twenty Twelve theme for now. It’s kind of boring. But it works. I’ll get around to fixing my old one. Eventually. Or not.

Anyway. I’m rambling.

I hope everyone has a safe night tonight, whatever you chose to do.

Happy New Year to you all.


Until next time...

Two Steps Back…

I feel sorry for anyone who received a new computer for Christmas that had Windows 8 pre-installed. Maybe “sorry” isn’t the correct word. Saying I mourn for them would be more appropriate.

Watch this. It’s totally worth the watch. Trust me on this.

(YouTube link)

That’s one way to do product testing. I do something similar myself. That, or I just hand the device to the Husbear and watch him. 😉

For several technical reasons, I am STILL using Windows XP on all but one of my seven studio computers. And the home computer is running Windows 7, albeit begrudgingly. Mostly because it came pre-installed and I felt no technical desire to roll it back to XP.

After playing with Windows 8, I have zero desire to upgrade anything to that OS. It feels clunky, at best. And the user interface is horribly ugly. Flat. Boring. It’s like taking a leap backwards and jumping into 16-bit land. Yuck. Add to that I had a similar experience as the lady in the video. I’m a tech guy, still! And I was sober!

And for all you die-hard Apple people who are thinking about saying “Get a Mac”: don’t. Unless you’re prepared to fork out for new hardware for me. To the tune of 8 machines. And don’t get me started on the lack of non user-upgradability of it. While iOS does what I need on my iPhone, as far as the desktop implementation goes I am still not a big fan. Maybe that will change in a few more iOS cycles. Maybe.

I am seriously considering switching over to some flavor of Linux, possibly Ubuntu. A slight learning curve for me, but hopefully in my advanced technological age it won’t be that difficult. And it works on all my existing hardware.

Until next time...

Merry Capitalistmas!

Whatever you celebrate, I wish you a merry one.

Just thank whatever deity you chose to believe in—if you believe in one—for the discovery of alcohol. It’s the only way many humans seem to be able to make it through this time of the year with any sanity left intact.


I often wonder why Christians don’t celebrate חֲנֻכָּה, since that’s what Yeshua would have celebrated. Eight days of presents! Then again, many don’t even seem to comprehend that Yeshua was Jewish.

Speaking of presents, in just a few more hours the stores will reopen to sell you more stuff! Or to give you money back for the stuff you got that you didn’t want.

That is what Christmas is really about, right? A time for stores to make a profit, and for consumers to go further in debt? That sounds exactly like something that Yeshua would want people to do.


I think I’m getting more misanthropic the older I get. I would make a great cutter if I didn’t think it would hurt so bad.

But I digress. Or do I?

I guess it’s time to pour myself another adult beverage.

Until next time...

Painful Relativity

Blobby asked:

you’ve probably answered often before – but what is the best place to work on a tattoo for you – and what is (in theory) the best (read: least painful) for the recipient?

I prefer working on everything from the thighs down to feet, the arms, and the upper and mid back. I am not a fan of the lower back (a.k.a., tramp stamp), ribs, chest, or neck.

As far as least painful place for the client? That is truly relative. What location hurts one person won’t necessarily hurt the next. Add to that the fact that every artist has a different “touch”. Some are light handed and some are heavy handed. The heavier the hand, the more painful the tattoo session can be.

All that said, a lot of people don’t find the outside of the upper arm, side of the thigh, or mid-calf that bad.

Tattooing on my buddy Dwayne.
Tattooing on my buddy Dwayne.

Until next time...